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5 Consequences of a DUI Conviction

If you are caught intoxicated behind the wheel, you can be arrested and prosecuted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While the dangers of intoxicated driving include frequent fatalities, some people still choose to endanger the lives of everyone around them by getting behind the wheel while drunk or high.

DUI is a criminal offense, and its consequences are major, and some of them will affect your life for years. That said, you should do all you can to get a DUI off your record. You can achieve this by saying no to drunk driving or working with a reputable lawyer if you are arrested for the same.

Read on to learn more about some of the long-term consequences of DUI convictions.

What Are the Consequences of DUI Convictions?

1. Cancellation of Your Driving License

If you are found guilty of drunk driving, you are most likely to have your license suspended or revoked. This means losing the freedom to drive your car legally. You will no longer be able to drive your children to school, drive for a fast errant in your local store, or even take a road trip.

What’s more, it might mean the end of your previous job. For instance, if you are a professional driver, there is no way your boss will take you back without a license and with DUI accusations.

2. Compromises Your Background Checks

As already mentioned, DUI is a criminal offense, and having criminal records attached to your name can soil your reputation. With many employers carrying out background checks before adding people to their team, many employers will think twice because of this.

Also, the ability to get scholarships, financial loans, apartment applications, or even renting a house will suffer because of the criminal record. With all these in mind, think twice next time you want to drive home after a party.

3. Affects Your Future Job Prospects

You might not be able to keep your current job because you will spend a lot of your time in and out of the court during the trial period. The inability to meet deadlines puts your job at risk. You might have the most understanding boss, but their judgment could change once they learn you are attending to issues related to DUI.

If you lose your job, securing another one will be even more challenging. Employers will consider other candidates before you, even if the position you are eyeing does not have anything to do with the driving.

4. Higher Insurance Rates

People with DUI records pay higher car insurance premiums. The insurance company sees you as a higher risk because of your past mistakes and will charge you more for coverage.

Be ready to pay twice or triple your insurance rates for some years. They could even cancel your coverage altogether.

5. Affects Your Relationships

Your relationships could suffer because of the DUI arrest. Your boss might see you as an irresponsible person. Before you know it, none of your workmates will lend you their car for a quick errand.

What’s more sad, your friends and family could lose respect for you. They may not want to associate with a careless drunk driver.

Do Not Drink and Drive

If you want to avoid the consequences discussed above, please do not drink and drive. In addition to employment and relationship struggles, it will be hard to forgive yourself if you hurt someone while intoxicated behind the wheel.

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