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An Astonishing Full House of AI Achievements

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something we hear about every day, but it is a technology few truly understand.

We see examples of it in real life, from automated phone systems and computers to advances within smart homes, but how much do we know about AI? We know that our mobile phones are packed with examples; for instance, they are used in your phone camera to improve picture quality. What other feats is AI capable of, and do we fully appreciate how dependent our lives are on it?

Here is an astonishing full house of AI achievements from around the world of sports, culture, and leisure.

Officiate Sports Matches

AI is used extensively in sports matches, not least in football. Here in Germany, VAR is used to make precise judgments on football matches, but there is an element of human interaction. However, what about the goal-line technology introduced after the 2010 World Cup ghost-goal England didn’t score against Germany? That is purely AI-driven. To a degree, VAR is, too; the offside decisions are often made by AI, drawing in the lines that simply allow an official to confirm.

Become a Top Poker Player

Poker players study for hours at a time, watching others and developing their game. They learn how to calculate the odds of winning a hand and understand basics such as poker hand ranking charts and the different variants. There’s an element of skill that people often talk about; reading opponents and understanding their tells. Sadly, that human element isn’t as important as you might think. In 2019, a poker bot beat six of the world’s top players at Texas Hold’em, perhaps proving that for all the bluster, it really is just a game of calculations.

Write Marketing Campaigns

AI is now revolutionizing the world of industry, making humans obsolete in some fields. One area you might think AI couldn’t succeed is marketing; surely understanding people and tailoring campaigns specifically for sales is something only an analytical brain can do? Not so. Artificial intelligence has been generating marketing copy that is consistently outperforming that created by humans for several years now. Examples are catchy lines found in subject lines of emails, push notifications and even generated social media adverts. AI can read you, understand you and adapt accordingly. No wonder it is so good at poker.


That’s right; AI can smell. The olfactory system feels like something only a human can exploit, much like the taste, but that’s not the case. AI is being used to smell the human breath and pick up on a range of illnesses detectable in what it finds. The tech is being developed in England at Loughborough University, where AI is thought to be close to becoming a major weapon in the fight against cancer. Computers equipped with AI technology are taking mere minutes to autonomously analyse a breath sample, a process that previously took hours by a human expert. It is felt the medical industry could well be going all-in on AI technology before long, saving time and resources worldwide.

Find You New Music

Finding new music used to be hard; you’d scour music newspapers, listen to tapes or CDs and turn to your favorite radio shows for help. That was still limited; you were still basing your choice on someone else’s recommendation. In the modern era, all of those things are not needed. All you need is Spotify and a playlist or two of your own. AI will do the rest, matching your tastes with new bands on their platform. It even goes as far as selecting music it thinks you like when an album or playlist ends. AI is like a personal friend with a huge CD collection and tastes almost identical to yours.