Best Among us t-shirts that will make your 2022 more fashionable

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Among us has been a very famous game after its release in 2018. The game was about a traitor in a group of people. It was an online multiplayer game inspired by the famous Hollywood film The Thing.

The game was about some armless cartoon-like creatures moving in a space setting. People loved this game for its unique and cute theme. Not to mention the game had full meme potential. The internet was full of these memes.

Soon it came on various t-shirts as funky styles. The cute characters from the game made the t-shirts more alive. There are also among us shirts in the market.

Fashion is now trending towards a light persona. Modern t-shirts and shirts make you younger and happier. And among us, shirts and t-shirts are a smart choice to become a cool fun-loving person.

Here are the ten best among us t shirts for you in 2022. Check this out and choose your favorite one.

  1. Pokémon among us shirt: 

This among us t-shirt carries a very light heart aura. It has four different among us Pokémon on its front side. The four starter Pokémon Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle are on the t-shirt. All Pokémon look more funny and adorable in among us versions of them.

This t-shirt is black in color. There is no extra design or pellets on this among us clothes. It consists of only cotton and polyester in its materials. It also has double-needle hems and a neckband for lasting long. Check the size guide before you buy it. You can buy this for only $21.

  1. Space crewmates among us shirt:

This one is my favorite among us t-shirt. The full black t-shirt includes three different minions from among us game on the front of the t-shirt. It also has a ringed planet on the t-shirt. The front side of the t-shirt is full of white dots. These dots make resembles the space.

It is a classical t-shirt with modernity. It is very comfortable. You can easily use it in the summers. This t-shirt makes your personality light-hearted and mature. This contains 50% cotton and 50% polyester in its material. Check the size chart before you buy it. This t-shirt is available for only $22 at the official website of the red bubble.

  1. Christmas Among Us: 

The new Christmas theme among us t-shirt is online. This t-shirt has a perfect vibe for cooler Christmas celebrations. It has a Santa minion in focus and four other among us minions here and there on the front surface. The t-shirt has boundary up and down that sets the frame on the t-shirt.

This t-shirt has cotton and polyester in its material. The cloth is very soft. It’s a generous and boxy fit.

This is an everyday wear cloth. However, on Christmas, it will surely add stars to your look. The t-shirt gives perfect vibes for Christmas.

This t-shirt is available for $22.54.

  1. 3D among us apparel: 

This among us shirt has taken this game to the state of realism. This is a grey t-shirt. There are three realistic-looking among us characters on the front. They have their astronaut suits on and looking ready for the space mission.

You may not like it as this t-shirt has a big print.

The t-shirt has polyester and cotton in it in the ratio of 50% and 50%. However, with different colors, the ratio can be different. You must check the size of buying the t-shirt.

This t-shirt is available at $20 only at the official website of the red bubble.

  1. Pokémon among us shirt: 

What about a whole bunch of Pokémon on your t-shirt. This specific t-shirt is all about Pokémon and among us. You can call it a perfect blend of both. This t-shirt has 18 different Pokémon in among us theme. It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester t-shirt. It’s a very light mood t-shirt.

This t-shirt is light grey in color. It is really comfortable and easy to wear. For boys, it is a must-buy. In winter you can wear it with a denim jacket for a funky classy look. You can buy this t-shirt for $22 only.

  1. Rapper among us shirt: 

This is one of the most stylish among us t-shirt of all collection. It features a big yellow among us minions. This minion is dressed up like a rapper. It has a black cap on it. The minion is also wearing stylish pajamas. The funky stylish is really a cool start if you are not used to wearing this kind of t-shirts.

This among us shirt has 50% cotton and 50% polyester in its material. It resembles a standard, traditional t-shirt. It also has double-needle hems and a neckband for increasing durability.

You can buy this t-shirt from the official website of the red bubble only at $21.00.

  1. I am very good at the hit game: 

The very famous meme is on the t-shirt now. This t-shirt is full black and on its surface, there are many quotes and memes on the front side of the t-shirt. Some of them are Among Us, I’m very good at the hit game, Leave, and SUS. This is a great t-shirt full of different quotes. All these elements make this t-shirt more interesting and attractive.

This shirt has cotton and polyester in 50% and 50% amounts. Check the size chart buying the t-shirt. You can buy it from the official website of the red bubble store.


Red bubble offers many funky and among us merchandise for the young generation. The meme and funky cartoons characters are now in trend in the market. Among us t-shirts are a great choice for a new fashion style. Red bubble keeps their prices moderate and they give prior quality in their clothes. Their t-shirts are trendy and live up to the fashion expectation of 2022. So be ready for a stylish 2022 and start shopping for your favorite among us t-shirt from the red bubble.