Best Apps like Netflix but Free

Best Apps like Netflix but Free

What a delight it is to hear? There are alternatives for Netflix, apps like Netflix but free. Some apps offer free TV and free movie streaming. 

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming app that consents you to watch your much-loved TV shows and movies. This is a commercial-free app as well. You can play desired shows on any internet-connected device, i.e., laptops, desktops, or mobile phones. It offers different plans for viewers to subscribe to. They are such as basic, standard, and premium subscription plans. The subscription charges for these plans are Rs. 500, Rs. 650 and Rs. 800. 

The reality is that people are looking for alternatives to Netflix. There are so many apps available where you can watch movies for free. They are easy to use. They, too, have tons of content to binge-watch. You can play them easily on any available device. One cannot believe that all these features are available somewhere for free.

The list for Apps like Netflix but Free

  1. Tubi TV 
  2. Pluto TV
  3. Redbox live TV
  4. Crackle
  5. Hoopla
  6. Kanopy
  7. Vudu
  8. The Roku channel, etc. 

There are several reasons for people switching from Netflix to another app. Some of them are as follows:

  • Netflix increases its subscription plan in the United States. It is inevitable. It is the latest price hikes from Netflix, but it is not the last one. Netflix may decide to increase its rates here too.
  • The basic subscription plan costs Rs. 500, the standard subscription plan costs Rs. 650 and premium subscription plan costs you Rs. 800 in India. 
  • The new subscription plans are as follows: a basic plan for Rs. 570, the standard method for Rs. 800, and a premium plan for Rs. 900. 
  • Watching popular series like Stranger things, The crown, etc., will cost you a lot more money. You may have to pay Rs—900 per month. 
  • Due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are facing a difficult phase in their life. Their financial conditions are not sound. They are considering different ways to save some money.  
  • Even many non-essential businesses have reopened across the country, but still, a majority of people are unemployed. 
  • People are struck, hourly workers or the ones living on paychecks.
  • Canceling the non-essential subscriptions of Netflix is going to save cash. 

Suppose you are concerned about canceling a Netflix subscription. It will leave you with no TV series or movies to binge over. It is time for you to stop worrying. There are so many alternatives to Netflix, apps like Netflix but free. All of them provide their viewer’s free TV series and free movies. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on any device. To know more about apps to watch Netflix shows for free, keep reading this.

App to watch Netflix shows for free

You want to binge-watch Netflix shows and movies. At the same time, the increasing hikes for subscription plans for Netflix are disturbing. Your budget does not permit you to spend Rs. 900 monthly on binge-watching movies and shows.

Do not worry. When your budget is constricted, switch to alternatives available to Netflix. There are many apps like Netflix but free for android. There are many apps like Netflix but free for PC as well. In this, you will learn about Netflix’s alternative free sites.  

You do not need any unique device to play your favorite TV shows and movies. These alternative services have their apps. You can play it on your android phones. You can even cast your phone on your smart TV.

These services are subscription-free apps. Commercials are playing during playtime. Some Netflix alternative free sites or apps that are easy to use. They play on any device and contains plenty of content to view, full of entertainment are as follows:

  • Tubi TV:-

What would you like

  • This is one of many apps like Netflix but free. 
  • Many studios like paramount, Lionsgate, Starz provide their content to Tubi TV. 
  • Regularly new movies and TV shows are added to the list of existing movies and TV shows.
  • There is a ton of content available on Tubi TV. You will not believe that all of its content is free. There are many high-quality movies to stream.
  • It has a great search function. You can randomly type words in the search space. It provides you with so many exciting options to choose from many apps to watch Netflix shows for free.
  • It is apps like Netflix but free for android. You can play it on your mobile phone. You can even cast it on your smart TV. Any smart TV such as Sony, Samsung, and this app can be installed on the smart TV.
  • It is perfect for any streaming device. It is one of the apps like Netflix but frees for PC android as well. 
  • There are educational programs for kids too. You can keep your babies busy at times. They are learning something useful and exciting. 

What you will not like 

  • It doesn’t provide the latest releases. It is a subscription-free app.
  • Commercials are playing all the time on this app.  
  • You need to make an account to watch TV shows and movies available on Tubi TV.
  • Your movie and TV shows will automatically rewind a few minutes. 
  • The space available for the search function is restricted. It is a little difficult to search for most of the time.


When your budget is tight, look out for some alternatives. Cut out all the non-essential subscriptions to save as much as possible. Netflix being a popular streaming app, is not free. It is increasing its subscription charges regularly. You want to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It can cost you around Rs. 900 per month for the same. 

You should keep in mind all the conditions mentioned above. You do not have to worry about TV shows and movies as well. There are so many emerging apps and sites providing free streaming. You can watch TV shows and movies for free. Slowly and gradually, these apps are attaining popularity among people. Shortly, they are strong competitors for Netflix. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make an account now on user-friendly apps, play on any device, and have tons of content. Start watching your favorite TV shows and movies for free without worrying about subscription plans and other monetary matters.


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