Can I Take Advil on an Empty Stomach

Can I Take Advil on an Empty Stomach

Can I take Advil on an empty stomach? Are you lately pondering over this question? Well, it is the most sought question amongst patients. Most of the people using this anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medication complain about a stomach upheaval after its consumption.

So, if you are amongst them. Reporting upset stomach as the most common side effect of consuming Advil or other medications like aspirin and naproxen. We have got your back. We have curated the details that you need to know beforehand you indulge in consuming these anti-inflammatory medications.

Can I take Advil on an empty stomach?

First of all, we need to understand here that what exactly is Advil? Afterward, can I take Advil on an empty stomach?

Advil is a non-steroidal calming therapeutic pain killer or NSAID. It is utilized for lessening temperature and assuaging torment or aggravation. It is because of a wide assortment of sicknesses like:

  • Firstly, cerebral pains,
  • Secondly, toothaches,
  • Thirdly, joint inflammation, and
  • Fourthly, feminine spasms.

Despite the fact that there are a couple of exemptions, grown-ups and kids beginning at six might utilize Advil.

Acetaminophen VS. Advil

Advil and acetaminophen are both proficient to mitigate agony and fever (known as Tylenol). But, Advil is likewise powerful at diminishing the most symptoms. Since Advil is an NSAID, it is unacceptable for everybody and can create critical GI, renal, and cardiovascular results. Check with your primary care physician to guarantee that you handle your feelings and agonies cautiously, likewise with any medicine.

Stomach upset due to Advil on an empty stomach

Can I take Advil on an empty stomach? Let us begin to understand it in detail.

Food acts as a cushion protecting our stomach internal linings. If you are amongst someone who has suffered in the past consuming Advil on an empty stomach. Now is the time to change the practice. Instead, plan to consume Advil or any other NSAIDs, only after eating something and never on an empty stomach. You are likely to notice the change. Discover what suits best you, Advil on empty stomach or after eating something.

But, it is highly expert’s recommendation to contact your medical practitioners before taking Advil on empty stomach. This might do more harm than good to you. Whether it is a sore leg, headache, or period cramps. You end up consuming pain killers that are easily available over the counter, without expert prescriptions. Never indulge in such detrimental practices. Connect with the medical practitioner, to get the right dosage and the correct way to take pain killers.

To answer your question can I take Advil on an empty stomach. Here we have the expert answer. Read on to know.

It is a type of twofold. At the point when you have experienced a surprise stomach previously.  The FDA suggests taking Advil with food or a glass of milk to diminish your odds of feeling good. NSAIDs can harm the covering of the stomach. 

Dosage of Advil

Dosages of under 1,600 mg of Advil more than a few days with or without food. Normally very much endured when given for incidental migraines. Furthermore, grown-ups have safe and sound healing from incidental effects. In any case, the long utilization of Advil represents a critical danger to the kidneys and stomach ulcers/digestive dying.

When in doubt, acetaminophen is an alternative option in contrast to Advil. When you have a stomach vexed or need to take torment medication for over multi little while.

Advil side effects

Issues might emerge when you use Advil for quite a while. It might impact the measure of prostaglandin. It is a lipid that upholds the insurance of your stomach. In unnecessary measurements or for a lengthy period. Advil creates less prostaglandin. It may help your stomach be corrosive and disturb the filling of the stomach, raising a ruckus.

What happens when you take Advil?

In persuasion, to answer your question can I take Advil on an empty stomach? We have covered what actually happens when you consume this anti-inflammatory medicine.

Sure sources can impact retention, viability, and unfriendly impacts. It remembers eating or taking it for an unfilled stomach. One of the issues with Advil is that it doesn’t assimilate when you take it orally. It requires roughly 30 minutes to work. 

It is fundamental when you look for quick help from torment. Prior to utilizing Advil, the perils of upper and lower GI should consider. Advil is certifiably not a prudent source where there is a lower hazard of GI. Hence, it was all about your question can I take Advil on an empty stomach?

Can you take ibuprofen on an empty stomach?

Next, when the talk is about pain killers, what happens taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach? Read on to know.

Like most meds, ibuprofen accompanies its own arrangement of dangers and incidental effects. By halting the action of COX proteins. The medication successfully holds the body back from delivering prostaglandin. This in turn lessens aggravation and agony.

COX chemicals assist with the alleviation of indications. However, they likewise help to secure the covering of the stomach. At the point when prescriptions like ibuprofen block COX chemicals. They additionally leave the stomach more powerless against disturbance.

Ibuprofen side effects

Ibuprofen empty stomach can likewise cause stomach-related incidental effects like indigestion, swelling, and even ulcers. Incidental effects really rely upon the individual and any medical issue they may as of now have.


This was all about can you take Advil on an empty stomach? Now, we hope that by now you have got your answer. To the most pondered over question can I take Advil on an empty stomach? The right way, dosage, and the medical practitioner’s advice are crucial in deciding for you. Whether you need it or not. If you need it, what should be the right dose, what is the best possible method to consume it, etc.?

So, it is always advisable to connect with your medical practitioner before deciding to consume it yourself. This might do more harm than good to you. Although you might feel all charged up and pain vanishes. But, remember here, it is a temporary effect, only due to medications. Moreover, it will have adverse effects in the long run. So, if you are witnessing any sort of pain, connect with your medical practitioner for expert advice.

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