What is Dashboard Mobile Tracker?

Dashboard Mobile Tracker The dashboard mobile tracker is a great tool for tracking the location of your vehicle. Furthermore, this device allows you to track your car from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. There are many benefits to having this device installed in your vehicle. It helps you monitor your speed and also fuel consumption, mileage, and much more. The dashboard mobile tracker works best with Android devices but it does work with iOS too.

This article will give you a quick overview of what the dashboard mobile tracker is and how it works.

What Is A Dashboard Mobile Tracker? 

A dashboard mobile tracker is a small piece of equipment that fits into your vehicle. It connects to your vehicle’s OBDII port and then sends data to your phone or tablet. This device uses GPS technology to help you locate your vehicle. It also tracks your speed, fuel usage, miles traveled, and more.

How Does It Work?

When you connect your dashboard mobile tracker to your vehicle’ s OBDII port, it starts sending data to your phone or iPad. You may notice that the dashboard mobile tracker shows up as a notification on your phone or tablet. Once you receive this notification, you can view the data being sent to your device.
You can see where your vehicle was last week, where it went today, and even how fast you were driving. You can also check your fuel usage and mileage.

Google Dashboard Track My Phone

Google Dashboard is a simple tool that allows you to monitor your Google account from any computer or mobile device. This handy app connects directly with many of the services we use everyday like Gmail, Drive, Photos, etc. to help us manage our accounts, files, calendars, contacts, docs – everything in fact!
To access Google Dashboard, visit www.dashboard.google.com or download the mobile app from iTunes or the Android marketplace.


• Firstly, Real-Time Location History
• Secondly, Email Alerts
•Thirdly,  Activity Reports
• Fourthly, SMS Alerts
• Then, Data Usage Reports
• Call Logs

  • Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is a mobile phone tracking software used for monitoring mobile phones remotely. It provides real time location data, text messages, calls, emails, social media updates and web browsing history. This software allows you to track any device whether its android or iOS based. With this tool you can monitor your employees, children, friends, family members etc.

  • Dashboard Instant Messaging PHP

Dashboard Instant Messaging PHP is a secure IM application allowing users to send instant messages through a web interface. Using this program, you can communicate with others through various methods including email, chat, and also voice call, webcam, file transfer, and SMS.

Services of Dashboard mobile tracker

SMS & MMS tracking

Mobile Tracker Free permits you to view all SMS and MMS messages dispatched or acquired via way of means of the goal device, even the ones that can had been erase.


Furthermore, with Mobile Tracker Free you may reveal conversations from Facebook messaging.

  • View all messages obtained and dispatched from exclusive conversations.
  • As well as that, view the information of every message with its date, type, recipient.
  • Whereas No root required – It isn’t essential that the smartphone is rooted.


Furthermore, With Mobile Tracker Free you could display WhatsApp messaging conversations.

  • View all messages acquired and dispatched from exclusive conversations.
  • As well as that, View the info of every message with its date, type, recipient.
  • No root required – It isn’t essential that the smartphone is rooted.

Tracking Call Logs

Mobile Tracker Free lets in you to view all calls sent, obtained and missed.

You can view:

  • Time of call.
  • The length of the call.
  • The form of call (incoming, outgoing, missed).
  • The call or phone range of the touch person.
  • The area and GPS coordinates wherein the smartphone is positioned on the time of the call.

GPS Position History  

In addiction, Mobile Tracker Free helps you to discover a cellular phone and feature a records of GPS positions.

Retrieve the GPS function of the smartphone each hour with the date, longitude, range, and region address.

  • You can set the c programming language time to fifteen mins in place of 1 hour.
  • Also, you can view the GPS regions on Google Maps.
  • Retrieve function thru cellular community if GPS is disabled.

Mobile Tracker Free Dashboard

This is a mobile device monitoring software which gathers detailed info about your mobile phone and tablet. You can stored and analysed at any given time. It provides you with all the details about your mobile device including its location, network activity, battery level, CPU usage, memory etc. The best thing about this app is the fact that it contains no ads whatsoever.

Dashboard Mobile Tracker Free

It is software automatically keeps track of your phone location using GPS and creates a report showing where you were at specific times. You can view your dashboard anytime from anywhere. No registration needed, this software works completely offline!

Google Maps  

Google Maps allows you to pinpoint exactly where you are and what you are doing on any given day. You can create a route map and store it inside the app. With this option, you can also share your location with friends or family.


iGoWatchMe is a web application that allows you to capture images and record audio snippets of wherever you are and whatever you see around you. This application works best when used with a camera phone. Uploaded audio clips are stored in the cloud and can be shared with others later.


This application is a great tool for travelers. It provides ratings and reviews for places visited. You can use it to discover restaurants, hotels, attractions, tourist spots, and much more.


In the mobile world, we often hear of data leaks, privacy issues, and security vulnerabilities. And it seems that the bad guys are always getting their hands on our personal information. All this makes us even more conscious of what apps we install and what they do on our phones. So, before installing any app, we want to know exactly what kind of information it collects from our device.

The Dashboard Mobile Tracker is designed to help users monitor what the app does on their phone. This means knowing whether the app sends any sensitive information about their location (such as GPS coordinates) to a server. It also helps identify the amount of data being transferred through cellular networks and Wi-Fi connections.

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