What Are The Five Best Foods for Arthritis?

What Are The Five Best Foods for Arthritis?

Arthritis is also termed joint pain, it is the puffiness and tenderness of one or more joints of the body. The main symptoms of arthritis are inflexibility in joints, which typically get worse as we get older. An increase in uric acid in the blood can cause this gout. The two most types of arthritis commonly attack individuals. Treatments of the disease vary and depend on the type of arthritis. Proper food with specific foodstuff can help in the treatment. Here you can see the five best foods for arthritis to lessen symptoms and get better your life quality.

What are the five best foods for arthritis?

Moreover, few therapies also work for curing this disease. Morning stiffness in joints is a frequent problem for a person suffering from arthritis. Yes, this is the fact that certain foods can assist the bearer to ease the symptoms and relax their joint pain. This special eating works along with medication, eating in the right amount also helps you to maintain a healthy weight and thus to ease your joint pain.

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1. Berries, apples, and pomegranate as well

These fruits are rich in antioxidants and it was also found by researchers that berries such as blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries all have the power to fight for arthritics. No matter if you eat them frozen, dehydrated or fresh you will get the health benefits. 

Thus, in case you are suffering from joint pain then including berries in your food intake is the best food for arthritics and joint pain. Moreover, apple and pomegranate are also good sources of fiber and can help to curb your appetite. Also, add these two to your daily salad or mixed them in your yoghurt intake for added benefits. 

2. Green vegetables

Eating anti-inflammatory vegetables in your daily meal such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and cauliflower in a variety of arthritics-friendly foods to get rid of your joint pain.

3. Turmeric and ginger 

These two plants are part of the five best foods for arthritis with anti-inflammatory properties. Intake of ginger and turmeric in a specific amount of your food with supplemented doses works as a great healer for joint pain. In addition, a small amount of ginger can also help to settle down your upset stomach. In Indian Cuisine use of these two spices are mandatory. 

4. Nuts and whole grain

Nuts are full of protein with no cholesterol and are also low in saturated fats. You can eat them alone or can add them to yoghurt, salad or in healthy dishes to boost protein in foodstuff. Just a quarter cup of nuts will help you in getting relief in arthritics. Better to select unsalted nuts to eat alone. 

Whole grain is also rich in protein and offers extra fiber and nutrients to your body which is why is included in the five best foods for arthritis. Researchers also recommend whole grains in the five best food for arthritics, and they also suggested taking three to six ounces of whole grains in a day. 

5. Salsa

It is a mixture of onions, tomatoes and a few other vegetables and is a great way to intake vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber in one food item. You can use it for a vegetable dip rather than other high-calorie foods. 

Foods that Cause swelling and soreness in joints

It has been also found by researchers that few food items infuriate the symptoms of arthritis. If you are suffering from this painful woe, you must avoid those foods that make outburst joint pain. You must cut back on these worst food for arthritis:

  • Vegetable and corn oils, fried and processed foodstuff like hot dogs, sausages and brats
  • Avoid the intake of red meat, steaks and burgers 
  • Pieces of bread and pastries that contain refined carbohydrates
  • Fatty acids with Omega-6 such as sunflower, safflower, soy oils as well as corn
  • Milk, cheese, cream and other dairy products, because can irritate the tissues around joints and hence enhance the problem of arthritics. 
  • Salt in excess along with alcohol and tobacco
  • Margarine, soda and other beverages full of sugar

Intake of chicken joins pain problem!!!

Fried foods are high in soaked fat and low in omega-3. This amalgamation persuades tenderness in joints and the whole body. Do some people have this question in mind that is chicken good for arthritics? Then for those, it is recommended that avoid the intake of fried chicken and try eating grilled or baked chicken instead. This alternative will not only give you a yummy flavour but also lessen the irritation in your joint pain.

Good foods for joins as well as cartilage!!!

Cartilage is a tissue that plays a significant role in the joints and if these are damaged then leads to severe pain and inflammation in arthritis. There are a few good foods for joints and cartilage to rebuild the damaged cartilage. 

  • Legumes- It is a food item that helps replenish the cartilage. This contains peas, beans and peanuts and other numerous options to intake into your meal. 
  • Oranges- This fruit contains vitamin C which is one of the major components to rebuild cartilage. You can also chew vitamin-C-rich food such as red peppers, kiwis or tablets to complete the intake in the body. 
  • Brown rice- It is also an item that must-have in the five best foods for arthritis to confront health issues. It can be in the main meal and is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is also foodstuff that is commonly used in a variety of treatments and injections related to joint pain. 
  • Green tea- Try to incorporate green tea into your routine to promote cartilage regeneration and relieve symptoms of arthritis. 
  • Brussel Sprouts- It is to give vitamin K to bones and to keep joints healthy ever. These sprouts contain anti-inflammatory properties and also give you a healthy body. Moreover, it also maximizes the quality of your life and helps in avoiding any dangerous interventions like surgeries and the renewal of cartilage.


On the whole, to get relief from arthritics if drugs are important then particular food also plays an imperative role. The above-mentioned five best foods for arthritis are boon to patients suffering from joint issues. If you are experiencing such problems you must include this foodstuff in your daily intake to keep healthy and free from joint pain.

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