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ikea ghost chair
ikea ghost chair

Bhooo!!! The GHOST…. CHAIRS!!! Do you want a clear idea about this trending style of chairs for Home Décor & Office Décor? And also about the Ikea ghost chair Then grab a cup of coffee, sit back on your couch or your comfy bean bag & read through this entire article…

What are Ghost Chairs?

The French Industrial Designer Phillip Starck designed the ghost chair in 2002. Basically, this attractive, iconic & revolutionary chair is made up of polycarbonate. And it is transparent in appearance & it is injection-moulded.

Initially, the ghost chairs were called Louis Ghost Chairs. And they were so-called because the chairs looked like the Louis XVI Chairs. Specifically, Phillip Starck had redesigned the classical Louis Chair & designed the chair using transparent plastic. On its manufacturing, Phillip’s ghost chair & the ghost chair with arms became an instant success. And this was because it was first of its kind & very comfortable. Ghost Chairs and specifically the Swedish Ikea Ghost Chair were widely used in the Home Décor and other Décor. 


The ghost chairs or the Ikea ghost chair can comfortably match with its surroundings because of their transparent nature. Also, these chairs come in various colour tints, glossy black finishing & matte white colour. Notably, many International & Local furniture manufacturing companies started producing them on the release of these ghost chairs. And some of the notable companies are Ikea, Kartell, Ashley, Raymour & Flanigan, American Signature. The ghost chair, or popularly Ikea ghost chair, is also called a transparent chair.

The Advantages of Ghost Chair     

The ghost chair, or the Louis ghost chair Ikea, has many advantages.

  1. Because a ghost chair is a see-through chair, this makes it a small-space solution for furniture.
  2. Specifically, the arms of the Ikea ghost chair or any ghost chair is slim. And this makes the light pass through & makes the area/room look neat and not messy. 
  3. The light & transparent feature of the ghost chair makes it suitable for various room sizes. And they may be dining rooms, conference halls, office room, living room or a function hall.
  4. The ghost chair is one sturdy plastic structure that has no screws & joints. And this makes it durable & also in all seasons.
  5. The ghost chair, one of the Ikea chairs, is cheap compare to the heavy wooden furniture. And it is also equally attractive & compatible with all type of settings.

Types of Ghost Chairs

Basically, Phillip Starck had designed the Louis Ghost Chair, but that wasn’t it. Furthermore, upon Louis Ghost Chair’s instant success, Starck went on design other types of Ghost Chairs. And they are as follows. The Victoria Ghost Chair-the one without the arms, Lou Lou Ghost chair for the younger ones. And the Charles Ghost Chair-a ghost chair like a stool and Ghost Buster which is basically a squat bookshelf. And these all were made out of Polycarbonate plastic. Basically, all types of ghost chairs have transparent & comfortable features. Further, over the years, many industrial designers have gone on to redesign the ghost chair & have made them attractive, comfortable, durable & cheap. And all the types of Ghost Chairs manufactured by a range of companies are available on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

The Ikea Ghost Chair

Basically, Ikea is a Swedish furniture manufacturing company. And they are in this business ever since the 1970s. Furthermore, over the years, Ikea has gained popularity across the world. Ikea offers a wide range of furniture ranging from tables, chairs to sofa & interior products. Specifically, one of the famous products of Ikea is the Ikea Ghost Chair. They offer a good variety of ghost chairs. And some of them are ghost chair with arms, ghost chair without arms, tinted ghost chairs, matte finish ghost chairs, white ghost chairs and black glossy ghost chairs. Further, Ikea’s products are well known in many countries across the continents. Specifically, Ikea products are famous in Sweden, Australia, USA, UK, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Canada, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Kuwait, Italy, Poland and Malaysia. 

Specifically, the Ikea Ghost Chair is trending nowadays in Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait and Hong Kong. Particularly, the Google phrases ‘ghost chair Ikea Canada’ and ‘ghost chair Ikea Malessiya’ rank high in Google Trends.   

The other notable companies manufacturing Ghost Chairs

Also, there are ghost chair manufacturing companies other than the Ikea Ghost Chair. And they are as follows.


It is Italian furniture manufacturing company. It manufactures wooden, steel and plastic furniture. The iconic & comfortable ghost chair is one of their fast-moving products. Kartell’s products are available in many countries. Basically, they have their walk-in stores in America, Europe, Middle East, the Pacific & Africa. And in this e-commerce age, they are on Amazon.


Particularly, it is one of the famous furniture companies in the US. They started in the 1990s & went on to build an excellent reputation over the decades. And Ashley has over 2000 stores across the globe. They manufacture plastic furniture alongside the wooden. And they offer varieties of ghost chairs, ranging from Lou Lou, Ghost Buster to Victoria Ghost Chair.

Similarly, there are International companies like RAYMOUR, FLANIGAN and the AMERICAN SIGNATURE.  

The Indian Ghost Chair Companies


It is one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies in India. They offer a range of wooden, steel & plastic furniture. And Ghost Chair is one of their running products since the last decade.


It is very famous amongst the household. And they are specifically known for the living room, kitchenware & bathroom furniture. And inarguably, they offer a range of Ghost Chairs. 


The name that Zuari has earned in the last two decades ever since its formation is excellent. Basically, they offer a range of wooden & plastic furniture. And undoubtedly they provide a fantastic range of Ghost chairs. 

The other Indian companies that offer ghost chairs online & offline are DURIAN, DAMRO, EVOK, and STYLE SPA.


Finally, we can conclude that ghost chairs are one of the most famous furniture. And they are used in Home Décor & Office Décor. Further ghost chairs are comfortable, attractive and durable. Basically, they come in different types alongside the classical Louis Ghost Chair. Many companies across India & the world offer ghost chairs. And popular amongst them is the Swedish company Ikea. And in this e-commerce age, companies like Amazon & Flipkart have a wide range of various sellers ghost chairs. So if you are looking forward to buying a comfortable, attractive and durable chair for your home, office or conference hall, then Ghost Chair isn’t a wrong choice!   

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