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Lss e learning : Lean Six Sigma

Do you want to know Six Sigma!!! & Lean Six Sigma (LSS)!!! . . . And also if you wish to have the clear picture of the LSS e Learning and certifications like Six Sigma certification & Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt . . . Then go grab a cup of coffee, sit back & spend few minutes reading this article, I bet you will end up knowing great stuff.

What is Six Sigma?

Basically, Six Sigma is a standard set of tools & techniques used to improve the industry’s processes. It was introduced in the year 1986 by Engineer Bill Smith while he was working at Motorola. Altogether Six Sigma provides tools & techniques to correct the processes, bringing in time & cost efficiency. Also, Six Sigma aims at reducing defects & variability in the industrial processes. And it is possible to achieve defect-free products/services 99.9996% of the times with only 3.4 errors/million opportunities through Six Sigma. The Lean Six Sigma or the LSS has similar features, LSS e learning provide certification. Further, Six Sigma has two principal methodologies; DMAIC & DMADV. Let us look at them.


DMAIC is DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE IMPROVE CONTROL. Specifically, in the Define stage, you define the problem, the scope for improvement & the customer requirements. Following this, you measure the current & unaltered process in the Measure stage, and ultimately you get the numbers. In the Analyze stage, one analyzes the past data & diagnoses the actual problem in the process. And coming to the Improve stage, you specifically implement the changes required for improvising the process & meeting the efficiency needs. Finally, in the Control stage, you basically maintain the process by making necessary improvements as and when required. Lean Six Sigma is somewhat similar & many LSS e learning deal with certifications.


DMADV stands for DEFINE MEASURE ANALYZE DESIGN VERIFY. When a company is creating a new product or service from scratch it uses DMADV method. DMADV is the same as DFSS (Design For Six Sigma). Basically in the Define stage you define the requirements of the customer using survey reports & historical data. Secondly, in the Measure stage, you use the customer’s needs to set a measurable specification. Coming to the Analyze stage, the product/service is analyzed to check the possible improvement ways. Furthermore, based on the analysis, you design the new product/service or the process in the Design stage. Lastly, in the Verify stage, you basically check whether the product/service meets the customer requirements.

Automobile, Software, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Petrochemical and Banking, various industries use Six Sigma. Many governments also apply to Six Sigma.

Six Sigma Certification

So let us see what is six sigma certification. Basically, it is certifying that an individual is qualified for the Six Sigma quality process. And it means that he/she can implement the Six Sigma tools & techniques in a particular industry. The Six Sigma Certification is one of the popular certifications; the other is LSS certification provided at LSS e learning. And as we already know, applying these techniques can bring drastic changes in the quality of the product/service. Hence there is a tremendous demand for Six Sigma certified individuals in various industries. Basically, Six Sigma Certification has multiple levels: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt & the supreme Master Black Belt. The numerous ranks indicate the excellence in Six Sigma. Specifically, The Green Belt & Black Belt certifications are popular.

Basically, You can do Six Sigma certification online/offline. Specifically, you need to take care that the institutes offering certificates should be International Association of Six Sigma (IASSC) accredited or other standards like the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Six Sigma Institutes in India

The famous Indian institutes providing SixSigma course are Simplilearn, Henry Harvin Education, Indian Statistical Institute, ICFAI Business School (IBS), IIBM Delhi and many others. Furthermore, Six Sigma Green Belt online training is one of the most popular courses in India. And particularly Simplilearn and Henry Harvin Education are institutes that provide quality education and Six Sigma certification. These Institutes provide Six Sigma books & Six Sigma ebooks, and many other learning resources to study for the certificate. Similarly, there are online portals/institutions which provide Lean Six Sigma certification through LSS e-learning.

What is LSS (Lean Six Sigma)

Basically, LSS is a combination of two quality control methodologies Lean & Six Sigma. We have already discussed what is Six Sigma, now let us first look at the Lean methodology. Lean is a quality methodology, specifically providing value to the customer by reducing waste. Lean Six Sigma aims to handle the waste. Now you may be thinking about what waste is. Waste is any step in manufacturing a product or providing a service that doesn’t offer value to the customer. Basically, there are eight categories of waste. And they are:

1) Transportation-Waste 2) Inventory-Waste 3) Motion-Waste 4) Waiting-Waste

5) Overproduction 6) Over processing 7) Defects 8) Skills

Furthermore, when Lean & Six Sigma come together, they provide excellent value to the businesses. And those are:

1) Increased Profits
2) Simplified & Standardized process
3) Human Resource Development
4) Value to the customers
5) Reduced Errors

In the later section, we will look at LSS e learning which offers LSS Certification.
Lean Six Sigma Certification

Basically, LSS certifications are similar to the Six Sigma certifications. Normally, the institutes which offer Six Sigma certifications also offer LSS certifications. Subsequently, Quality control & operations professionals usually pursue LSS certification to leverage their career. Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt is one of the popular certifications offered at reputed LSS e learning. Further Simplilearn, Henry Harvin Education, Indian Statistical Institute, ICFAI Business School (IBS), IIBM Delhi and many others provide LSS certification. Generally, the professionals who pursue these certifications have seen considerable growth in their careers.


Finally, we can conclude by saying that Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are some of the best certifications. Basically, the quality-related professionals of any industry can pursue these certifications. Many Institutes offer offline & online Six Sigma and LSS certifications. Further, there many institutes which provide Six Sigma e learning and LSS e learning. Some of the famous institutes are Simplilearn, Indian Statistical Institute and Henry Harvin. Basically, we advise you to get certified from IASSC or ASQ accredited Institutes. Lastly, there is a massive demand for Six Sigma and LSS certified professionals.