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Never Giving Up Stories

Never Giving Up Stories
Never Giving Up Stories

Herbert Kaufman says, “The Habit of Persistence is the Habit of Victory”. And this has been proven true over the years by many famous & infamous personalities across the world. Yes, people are the never giving up attitude than draw the line between success & failure. There are numerous never giving up stories out in the world, inspiring us to stay strong and never give up. In this article, we will immerse into the lives of few such personalities who have marvellous never giving up stories to their account. So people take a few minutes out and get ready to be inspired never ever to give up!

The Billionaire Writer: J.K. Rowling

The phenomenal Harry Potter writer has come a long way from being a rejected author to being the bestseller. Furthermore, her part of never giving up stories is motivational. Indeed in the year 1990, J.K. Rowling, on a train journey, conceived the crystal clear idea of Harry Potter. And then she immediately began penning down. But after that, her life wasn’t rosy. Subsequently, a few months later, her mother died. And she then married her boyfriend with whom she had a daughter. Unfortunately, her marriage ended in divorce just after few months of marriage. Her Financial situations were also not good & she was a poor single mother. Finally, she ended up in clinical depression and had suicidal thoughts. But she didn’t stop there, she never gave up & she kept writing. 

Harry Potter & the success:

In 1995 J.K. Rowling finished the first draft of Harry Potter. Further, it was not easy; most of the publishing houses rejected her. But she kept going, she never gave up & finally a publishing house accepted her, and the rest we all know is history! In life, we come across many hurdles & some stay for years. And some limitations multiply, but alike J.K. Rowling’s never giving up stories, we need to stay persistent. So, people, life is all about never giving up.

Stephen King

He is one of the world’s best authors; Stephen King has one of the best never giving up stories. Basically, there is a hell of struggle & persistence behind his incredible success. Particularly, the real battle for Stephen King started in his teenage. Stephen King used to write & approach multiple publications. Unfortunately, none of them accepted. He had a nail pounded on the wall, and he used to hang the rejection slips & continued writing.

Further, one day a nail fell off the wall because of the weight of the rejection slips. And then he put up a spike, didn’t give up & kept writing. And then, in his adulthood, he saw financial struggles. Basically Stephen King had to do various jobs like a janitor, industrial laundryman, gas pump attendant despite being an English graduate. 

Carrie & the Success:

Basically, Stephen King wrote from the laundry rooms & actually, it was there where he wrote his then hit novel ‘Carrie’. Subsequently, after getting married, he lived in a trailer with his wife and two kids due to poverty. Although he did get a teaching job, but that wasn’t enough to make ends meet. Basically, Stephen couldn’t afford to buy a typewriter; he used his wife’s college typewriter. Later he sent ‘Carrie’ to nearly 30 publishers, but all rejected it. Furthermore, Editor Bill Thompson entered Stephen’s life & ‘Carrie’ became a hit. Particularly, it was the beginning of the result of Stephen’s never giving up attitude. Today, Stephen is the bestselling author with more than 50 novels to his credit. And those have sold more than a whopping 350 million copies. And this is one of the best never giving stories. 

The King of Comedy: Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has an inspirational story about not giving up. He is known as one of the most successful comedians of all time. But his on-screen laughter is a bit contradictory to his off-screen life. Basically, Jim Carrey grew in Ontario, Canada; he had a childhood of poverty which continued until his teenage. He started making funny faces & impressions at an early age. Subsequently, Jim wrote to Carol Burnett Show to give him a chance at his show, but eventually, he got rejected. And he didn’t give up & continued working on his craft. During his early teens, he had to spend years in a tent & his parents lived in a van. Subsequently, his family got a house to live but in exchange for the labour of his entire family.

The Success:

Further, Jim worked as a janitor & security guard at the factory where his father was an accountant at night. Despite all this, Jim didn’t lose hope and continued schooling & practised comedy. Later he dropped out of school, continued working in the factory & performed comedy shows in Toronto. Particularly in the initial career days, Jim Carrey had to see rejections & struggles. Subsequently, he sustained with his attitude of never giving up. And he continued performing in shows, and he slowly climbed the ladder of success. Further Jim has given winning performances in movies like ‘The Mask’, ‘Dumb and Dumber, ‘The Cable Guy, ‘Liar Liar’, ‘The Truman Show’ and many more. So, we can learn from these never giving up stories that in life, it takes time & effort to accomplish success.    

Sarah Jessica Parker or Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex and the city.’  

The Emmy & Golden Globe winner has one of the interesting never giving up stories to her account. Basically, Sarah had a childhood of poverty and her parents divorced while she was three years old. Although Sarah had a poor childhood, her mother managed to get Sarah into cultural & extra-curricular activities. Since then, she went on to star in the Broadway theatricals and subsequently in TV shows & movies. Furthermore, Sarah has seen ups & downs in her professional career, but she has kept going without giving up. 

Personal Struggles:

Sarah’s personal life was also not that good in the initial years. She was in relation with Robert Downey Jr., but their connection didn’t last long as Robert was a drug addict. Later she dated John F Kennedy Jr., but that too didn’t work out well. Despite all this, Sarah kept doing well in her professional life & didn’t give up. Finally, Sarah married Matthew Broderick, and she is living peacefully since then. She has many films & TV series to her credit. And notable ones are ‘Sex and the city’ series & film, ‘Honeymoon in Vegas, ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘The First Wives Club’, ‘The Family Stone’ and ‘New Year’s Eve. Sarah is also a successful producer. Now, this is one of the good never giving up stories!

Emily Blunt 

The Golden Globe Award winner has one of the interesting never giving up stories. Basically, Emily had a stammering problem from age seven to fourteen. Subsequently, with the help of her school teacher, she overcame stammering. Later, Emily also served as the director on the board for the American Institute for Stuttering. And that wouldn’t have been possible if she had just given up. Emily has also seen ups & downs in her professional career, but she was persistent. And she has had a remarkable job for the past twenty years & she will surely go on to have many more rocking years. 

Conclusion of Never Giving Up Stories 

Finally, after having gone through various never giving up stories, we can say that life is all about challenges. And the undying spirit of never giving up makes it worth living. So after reading this excellent article, I hope you all are inspired & motivated not to give up. Basically, at whatever point of life are you in, be persistent. All the Best!      


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