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Motorola Pink Flip Phone- Specs, Features, Design

Are you a Motorola fan? Yes! Motorola has launched its much-awaited Pink Flip Phone Razr. All those who were born in the 90s and before have witnessed the growth of mobile phones from its beginning. We all know how it all began. We all have used small cellphones which had number keypad and it was a rare thing to see in anyone’s hand. And today we all have our own mobiles with super high technology. 

This situation was not changed in a day or in a year. It went through a lot of development throughout two decades. In the meantime, many mobile phones came and rocked the market. And Motorola flip flop cell phone was one of them.

In 2020, Motorola has brought its old Motorola Razr series mobile phone in a brand new design and style that makes it completely new for the current market. But in this market of great competition, will it perform well? Is it smart enough to compete with its competitor? Well, let’s have a look at its pros and cons to evaluate how much this mobile phone is worth. 

Motorola Pink Flip Phone Razr 2020 review:

Motorola Razr flip phone 2020 has been launched by Motorola. It is advance in technology and it is stylish too. Like the legacy of the Razr series of Motorola Company; this handset is also capturing the market but it is really slow. 

So what are the services that this phone is giving to you and what things Motorola can fix and make better?

Design & Size:

Motorola pink flip phone 2020 comes with a unique design of flip Flop. While unfolded it is a really tall phone but when you fold it, it becomes the smallest you ever held in your hand. It has edgy corners as it was in Motorola pink flip phone in the Razr series. 

This design comes in black color that makes it stylish and gives a modern look. In the middle of the phone, it has a hinge system that helps the phone to fold and unfold. This looks cool but has some issues. 

The hinge is difficult to open and close. Sometimes you also can hear the voices from the hinge in your phone. This is a pure con of this mobile as we cannot assure its durability in the long run. 

When unfolded, this phone looks really attractive and you can easily use it to show off in front of your friends.

Unlike Samsung mobile phones, it flips in the vertical direction. That makes it look like the old pink Motorola Razar series of Motorola mobile phones. The advantage I am a fan of is its thickness. It is designed really well and in both, the condition, folded and unfolded; it is very thin in a style that makes it super easy to carry.

Razr Flip Phone Camera & Display:

A whole display has been put to this mobile phone on its cover. When folded it has an extra display of a 2.7” OLED screen. It supports 600 x 800 pixels of video. You can control almost everything while using it. it includes checking emails, messages and control the primary settings of the phone and the best you can watch videos on YouTube.

When unfolded it has a 6.2” OLED screen that is really a tall screen if compared to other phones. Well, we can say that it is also inspired by the old pink flip phone. Its screen is really beautiful however you may have difficulty using it because it is a little narrow. Other than this you will surely love its contrast and its beauty of colors and angels to watch. 

It has a mediocre camera function. The main camera is 48 MP only and the front camera is 12 MP. I have to admit this is quite low in front of other hi-tech camera phones in the market yet you can use it for some good pictures. It has improved from its first-generation mobile phone.

Motorola Pink Flip Phone performance:

While using this Motorola pink flip phone, you will be amazed and will surely enjoy the whole of it. There is something inside this phone that can win your heart instantly. 

Motorola pink flip phone Razr is equipped with SnapDragon 7654 processor which makes it really fast. You can really feel its awesome smoothness while gaming or normal browsing. 

It gives you RAM of 8 GB. This is really great service from Motorola to its users. The 8 GB ram makes the flip phone one of its kind. The 8 GB RAM keeps your mind free from lagging during the use of the phone. 

Along with this, you get storage of 256 GB. This huge storage gives you a large space to use, store, and keep your files for a long time. You don’t need to keep eye on your storage whether it has going to be full or not. 

Motorola Pink Flip phone battery performance:

Unlike its display and processor, its battery is not that up to mark. Motorola pink flip phone has a battery of 2800 mAH. Compare to other mobile phones in the market, this is extremely low. 

But I have to say this, the battery backup is not that low. It gives you almost a full day using time if you are watching a couple of YouTube videos, browsing through the internet, and using some social media. If not good I must say it is decent. 

My personal thoughts:

Motorola Pink flip phone Razr 2020 is extremely high priced for sure. It is available for $ 1400. According to my buying, it on that cost can shake your pocket and you may not get satisfaction from it. 

Other than this, you will also face Wi-Fi disturbance when using other’s hotspots. This is really irritating.


Well, the classic pink flip phone has done wonders in the market. Within the launch, it has sold over 130 million pieces which is a record of most selling the phone to date. Now is the time of high-tech phones and it will be good to see if this Motorola pink Motorola Razr flip phone 2020 model will set a record and keeps its legacy or not.

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