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Top Best 10 Plano Storage Boxes For Your Stuffs 2021

Plano Storage boxes come at the top when it comes to keeping and securing your stuff. We all face the problem of keeping our things properly. Sometimes it gets lost because of our carelessness. 

Whether you are in your home or you are going on a journey or just for a night out with your friends or going to participate in a shooting event; you just need a good storage box which can keep your important tools and parts of large stuff in well-mannered condition.

Here are 10 Plano Storage Boxes that can serve you:

1. Plano Storage 121202 ammo box:

The first storage box that I will suggest you buy for keeping your ammo securely is Plano 121202 Shell Box. This box can contain 4 ammo boxes very easily. It is of shabby green color which is the same as green that the army uses. 

This Plano storage box is of dimension 13.63” x 5.6” x 5.6” inches. This Plano storage box has a very hard plastic body that gives it the strength to keep the inside stuff safe. 

The Plano Storage box is water-resistant that helps to keep the ammo dry and protected. You can buy it at $11.50 from the famous Walmart stores.

2. Plano Synergy Fishing two-tier tackle box:

This Plano storage box is stands unique in its looks. This Plano Synergy Fishing two-tier tackle box is blue on the inside and white on the outside body. This box includes many compartments. These compartments make the whole box secure enough to handle kinds of stuff with enough pressure to keep it safe.

This box has adjustable compartments with removable dividers. Plano storage box has a height of 6 inches and a length of 13.25 inches. The material used in this is material plastic with latch-type brass bail.  You can easily buy it at a price of $23.58.

3. Plano Storage one-tray tackle box:

This Plano storage box is a medium size box in green color. It looks like a military confidential box. As its name says it is a one-tray Plano tackle storage. Its manufacturer part number is 100103.

Its dimensions are 13.24” x 6.75” x 5” inches. It is laced with a brass bailed latch. Its most feature is its removable tray which gives you an amazing support to control the arrangement for your equipment.

On ordering from Walmart, it will take 2-3 working days to reach you (distance and other situations matter in this case). The price at which you will get this on Walmart is $ 27.93.

4. Plano shallow dry storage box: 

This Plano storage box is very famous among the buyers of Plano plastic storage boxes. This Plano box comes in orange color that makes it attractive and warm.

If you need to keep your supplies dry; this is surely your thing. It has an O-ring seal that keeps the water out. Its water-resistant technology makes it comfortable for keeping ammo. 

It is of dimension 15” x 6.25” x 8”. This box is equipped with 6 boxes of shotgun shells. It is easy to handle and looks classy when carry. You can buy it at $36.96 from Walmart.

5. Plano KVD Wormfile Speedbag:

This is not fully a storage box but a bag. A good synthetic body in sober color gives this bag a great attractive persona. 

It is an easy access bag that has a fold along with thread lines. This bag is totally water-resistant that gives its owner a sense of safety from unwanted rain. 

Its dimensions are 9.5” x 4.5” x 6.25” inches. You can easily carry it due to its side carry handle. It is easy to handle, safe to use, and strong enough to keep your files safe and easy to carry. 

This bag comes in 3 colors grey, black & red. All these three colors look great when carry and use. You can get it only at $ 26.38 in Walmart stores.

6. Plano Fishing tackle bag 3500 series:

Plano Fishing tackle bags are one of my favorite storage bags. This bag provides you multi-compartment service. This is a fully waterproof bag and in addition, it has a rubber foot attached that helps it to walk above wet surfaces. 

It has clear zipped pockets; small and large both. It has an outside holder for tools and a rear mesh pocket. It is of weight 8.00 lbs. This bag has a dimension of 14.0” x 9.00” x 10.25” inches. 

Its model number is 465030. You can get it at a price of $ 48.59.

7. Plano edge master Spinnerbait:

Plano EDGE master spinnerbait is currently the best choice for keeping spinnerbaits and buzz baits neat & tidy. You can easily keep your buzz baits and spinnerbaits by hanging them inside the box. This Plano storage box keeps your stuff in pristine condition with a watertight seal.

Its interior is specially designed to keep your stuff dry. It has easy to customize EDGE. Its adjustable and pre-cut dividers offer 100% customization which makes this Plano storage box extremely useful for you.

It is available only at $ 69.98 at Walmart stores.

8. Plano outdoor sports angled fishing tackle box:

Plano outdoor sports angled fishing tackle box is one of those few products which can serve you in an unimaginable way. This box looks futuristic. It helps you to pack your stuffs really quick & with ease. 

It has compartments to keep your stuff with more convenience and protection. Large utility boxes that are angled in 15-degree that allow you to reach what you really want.

It is of metallic green and tan color. It is super easy to carry and you can tackle boxes pull out to see the inside of the storage box. Its price is $ 39.96 only.


Along with these 8 best Plano storage boxes, there are plenty of other storage boxes that are products of Plano. Plano storage trunk is one of them that can be a great solution for carrying your family’s stuff at once. Plano storage solutions are no doubt one of the best in service when you want to buy a storage box.

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