Scoot and Doodle: A Fun Way to Learn

Scoot and doodle is an app where you can get creative face-to-face with classmates and friends, Scoot & Doodle is a 21st-century learning tool.

Your imagination has room to grow on the social creativity platform that connects people around projects they want to work on together: brainstorming sessions for new businesses or solving math problems in an interactive way.

What are scoot and doodle?

Scoot and Doodle is an app that lets people work on creative face-to-face projects with classmates

Ever scooted up to a friend’s desk to discuss something, but found you’re scooting attracted too much attention from the teacher? Meet Scoot ‘N Doodle. It’s like scooting, but less society.

You can still meet face-to-face and have fun, you just do it by using your devices in some creative ways. You can:

► Make drawings together live! Draw or paint together to be in the same virtual room with your friends remotely while also seeing their drawings!

► Share a big screen space so that multiple people can see what everyone else is doing!

► Play a game together! Collaborate on ideas and help each other out to win the next level.

What are scoot and doodle not?

Scoot and  Doodle is NOT an app where people can just randomly chat or text with their friends all day long while they’re supposed to be working on school work, that’s called scooting, not Scoot & Doodle.

Are scoot doodle free?

Yes! It’s totally FREE to use the app on Android or Apple devices. If you’re a teacher in need of some creative ways to engage your students, it might be almost as good as puppy therapy for them when they see the puppies in the app.

In scoot & doodle, you scoot your chairs around the table to work on a puzzle with one person on each chair. For example, if there are four people participating in this game then they would scoot one chair over for every two spaces that need to be filled.

The puzzles can come from storybooks or other sources. It is a fun way to learn.

Draw hangout app

Hangout is an international app that connects people through video chat. It was originally designed as a way to allow people to talk with their friends, family, or other contacts at any time. Now it has a wide range of uses. For example, players can go to this app for solutions. It can also be used for conferences in the classroom, group study sessions, and more.

Google hangouts draw 

Drawing the Hangout app is a great way to understand how to use the app. This drawing will help scoot doodle players learn how to scoot or doodle on the screen. Let’s begin by drawing a rectangle for the computer screen.

  • Next, let’s draw four circles for the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, we need to add some details for scoot doodle players. First, draw two rectangles representing fingertip taps in different places on the screen.
  • One tap should be at the top left corner of the page, and one should be at the bottom left corner of this page with an arc coming out of it to indicate a swiping motion up. (the scoot doodle player can swipe their finger in the air to see how that works).
  • Draw a circle for the “Hangouts” button at the top of this page. Lastly, let’s add two rectangles below the navigation buttons – one rectangle should be at least twice as long as it is wide near the bottom of this page, and the other one should be square near the top.
  • Next, the players will need to draw their own screens for different puzzles. To start with we’ll add a rectangle in the middle of this page to represent our screen as it appears on scooters or desks.

Scoot doodle players will need to draw a rectangle in the middle of this page that is twice as wide but not quite as tall. This will represent our screen on scooters or desks with an arc coming out of it for swiping up motions.

Adding Details in Scoot doodle

Now, Scoot doodle players can add details to its screen. First, players will need to draw a circle in the middle of this page for where they tap on their screens if they want to draw something or erase it.

Next, scoot doodle players can add more circles near this one with lines coming off them for swiping motions to scoot doodle. Lastly, scoot doodle players can add two rectangles at the bottom of this page for swiping left or right to change screens on their scooter or desk.

Google doodle app

You can also scoot doodle on the google doodle app. Google makes scoots doodles as well. The scoot and scoot doodles are one of the many features that are available on the google app.

One thing scoot doodle players might like about this app is that it has a wide range of puzzles. For example, there are scoots and doodles for all different ages. Another thing scoot doodle players might like is the timer in the google application. There’s no time limit on solving this.

A scoott-and-doodle is a lot of fun for people of every age! Whether it’s solving puzzles, drawing hangout apps, or scooting around on the google dodle app, scoott doodling players will always find something to enjoy about this game.

Enabling hangouts

This is a new, interactive way for patients to learn about their disease. When scooting on the scooter, the game translates scoots into words. As you scoot, you are not only having fun but also learning new vocabulary words!

A hangout enables a doodle session so that other people can scoot with you. This allows you to play with your friends in a fun way while still practicing English!

Google hangouts review

Google Hangouts is a video conference service that lets you “Hang out” with up to 10 people at one time. The hangout can be seen by everyone in the conversation or take place privately with just two people.

There are many scooter games for kids and this is a new game that makes scooting fun by translating scoots into words on the scooter.


We are proud to offer this fun, interactive way of learning about science. Scoot and Dodle is a great supplement for any home or school environment that provides an engaging, educational experience in the field of education.

If you’re looking for something new to bring fresh life into your classroom, give us a call today! Our team can help you get started with our informative resources. What has been your favorite part so far?

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