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Sinus pressure points: Sinus relief

sinus pressure points
sinus pressure points

Sinus pressure points are vital in case you are seeking the answer to, “How to drain sinuses”? Pressure point massage is one approach to help soothe the sinus. This conventional treatment depends on similar techniques. Like acupuncture, it even uses similar pressure point focuses. Besides needles, the pressure is set at specific focuses all over and body utilizing your hands and fingers. 

Where are the sinuses and sinus pressure points?

Certainly, the sinuses are empty spaces in the bones. Also around the nose. Additionally, your sinuses make bodily fluid. Again, the bodily fluid channels into your nose and down the rear of your throat. Because of this, your nose keeps damp. Furthermore, disposes of residue, allergens, and germs. 

There are four sets of sinuses associated with your nose: 

  • Firstly, in the cheekbones on each side of your nose 
  • Secondly, over your eyes close to the temple 
  • Thirdly, between the eyes and the extension of your nose 
  • Fourthly, behind your eyes

Instructions to do Acupressure and sinus pressure points

You can do pressure point massage for sinus relief yourself. Additionally, it just requires a couple of moments. 

  • Utilize a mirror to help you discover the focus area. 
  • Apply firm yet delicate tension on the focus points. Besides, for 3 minutes each. You can utilize your fingers, thumbs, and even the eraser tip of a pencil. 
  • Revise for a few days. 
  • You can push on the pressure point massage focuses.
  • Moreover, you can get proficient pressure point massage treatment from a confirmed acupuncturist. 

Sinus relief: pressure points for sinus relief

Here is the primary pressure point massage focuses on sinus relief. Thus, read to discover them: 

1. Sinus pressure points: LI20

The digestive organ 20 (LI20) pressure point massage focuses are found on the face. And on the two sides of the base of your nose. To do sinus pressure: 

  • Firstly, discover the region where your nose joins your cheeks. 
  • Finally, spot one finger all over at one or the other side of your noses and press. 

2. Sinus pressure points: BL2 

The bladder 2 (BL2) pressure focuses is between the extension of your nose and the inward side of your upper eyelid. To alleviate pressure in your sinuses and around your eyes. You ought to attempt this: 

  • Firstly, utilizing two hands, place your forefingers over the scaffold of your nose. 
  • Secondly, slide your fingers into the small hollows between your eyebrows and nose. 
  • Finally, rest your fingers here. 

3. Sinus pressure points: Yintang

The pressure point massage point GV24.5 is otherwise called Yintang. It’s frequently called the third eye point since it’s situated between the eyebrows. They are sinus headache relief pressure points as well. Finally, to discover it: 

  • Firstly, spot a couple of fingers between your eyebrows. 
  • Secondly, discover the region simply over the frame of your nose 
  • Thirdly, apply a pressing factor or rub the zone for a couple of moments. 

4. Sinus pressure points: SI18

The small digestive tract 18 (SI18) focuses are on the two sides of your nose. Further, just beneath the cheekbones. This helps mitigate swollen sinuses and a runny nose. To find them: 

  • Firstly, spot your forefinger from two hands at the external edge of each eye. 
  • Secondly, slide your fingers down until you can feel the lower part of your cheekbones. 
  • Thirdly, this zone ought to be about level with the lower edge of your nose. 
  • Finally, push on these focuses simultaneously or each in turn. 

5. Sinus pressure points: GB20

The gallbladder 20 (GB20) focuses are on the rear of your head. They’re situated in the scores at the rear of your head. Additionally, where your neck muscles append to your head. 

These aims for sinus pressure side effects. For example, migraine and watery eyes. Even cold and influenza signs. Let us discover them: 

  • Firstly, fasten your hands together behind your head. 
  • Secondly, slide your approval and down to discover the notches simply behind your ears at the base of your skull. 
  • Thirdly, apply pressure here utilizing both of your thumbs. 

6. Sinus pressure points: LI4

The He Gu or internal organ 4 (LI4) focuses are on the rear of your hands. They’re associated with the digestive organ. Again, apply strain to the LI4 focuses on every one of your hands, each in turn. 

The focuses are about a half-inch from the wrinkle between your thumb and hand. Let us discover them: 

  • Firstly, hold your hand up so the thumb side is confronting you. 
  • Secondly, discover the region where your thumb associates with your hand. 
  • Thirdly, keep your thumb near your hand. Search for where the muscle between your thumb and forefinger swells out. 
  • Further, Spot the contrary thumb or another finger on this hill. 
  • Again, loosen up your hand once more
  • Finally, apply strain to this area utilizing the finger of your other hand.

7. Sinus pressure points: LU5

The lung meridian 5 (LU5) focuses are within each elbow. These focuses help to assuage sinus clog and pressing factors. Which may help diminish torment and a runny nose. The LU5 focuses are additionally connected to your lungs and relaxing. To discover them: 

  • Firstly, Hold your arm loosened up before you so your palm is looking up. 
  • Secondly, discover the wrinkle on the thumb side of your internal elbow. 
  • Thirdly, this is the place where your lower arm muscle plunges. 
  • Again, push on the region. 
  • Finally, rehash and switch arms.

8. Sinus pressure points: LU9

The lung meridian 9 (LU9) focuses can be found within every wrist. They’re utilized to ease throat indications from sinus disease. Let us discover them: 

  • Firstly, hold your hand up before you with the goal that your palm is confronting you. 
  • Secondly, discover the wrinkle where your hand interfaces with the wrist. 
  • Thirdly, spot your finger on the wrinkle just beneath your thumb. 
  • Finally, rehash and switch hands. 

9. Sinus pressure points: Liv3 

The liver 3 (Liv3) or Tai Chong pressure focuses are on your feet, simply back from your enormous toes. They’re connected to your liver. Hence, soothes migraines and agony around your eyes. To discover them: 

  • Firstly, plunk down with your knees twisted and your feet before you. 
  • Secondly, spot your finger nearby between your large toe and the following toe. 
  • Thirdly, slide your finger up your foot around two finger widths. 
  • Again, press at this spot. 
  • Finally, apply tension on the two feet simultaneously or each in turn. 


  • In case you’re pregnant or attempting to get pregnant. Firstly, converse with your primary care physician. 
  • Utilizing acupressure for sinuses can once in a while help ease torment and different side effects immediately. 
  • You may have to proceed with the pressure point massage treatment for a few days before you feel anything. 


 Acupressure for the sinus can help your sinus problems. It can’t fix a genuine disease. You may in any case require anti-infection treatment if you have bacterial sinus contamination. Sinus disease can be due to an infection like this season’s virus. 

If your sinus side effects are due to hypersensitivities. Again, it might assist with maintaining a strategic distance from allergen triggers like dust and residue. Get some information about the best over-the-counter drugs for sensitivity help. 

You may have to apply pressure on relieving sinus pressure points a few times each day. Again, for a few days before you discover relief from sinus signs.

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