The Real Truth about Dutch Bro Straw Code.

Bro Straw Code

The world is full of amazing weird kinds of stuff. We all have seen or at least have heard of those. Here is one such interesting stuff that is directly coming from Dutch Bro coffee house. It is famous as Dutch Bro Straw Code.

This conspiracy is all about judging. People believe that this special coffee house judges you by their own standards and shows you the signs of it. And if you are smart enough to notice it, you will understand how they are going to treat you. Although it would not be good to say that they are going to disrespect you in any manner. This is against the values of a good consumer relationship.

What is Dutch Bro?

Dutch Bros. is a public coffee chain store in the United States. It is the property of Dane and Travis Boersma who are descendants of the Dutch family. On February 12, 1992, both the brothers started the company in the United States. In these 2 decades, the company has become a small giant in the restaurant business industry.

Dutch Bro plays a vital role when it comes to pricing and quality. Of course, the biggest player in the market of the coffee beverage is Starbucks. They are the favorite of many although they are not affordable by everyone. Here Dutch Bro fills up the gap. They say that Dutch Bro is a perfect place for people who want to taste a good coffee at pocket-friendly prices. Indeed the quality will be a little lower than Starbucks. If you are comfortable with it, they can be a great alternative.

What is Dutch Bro Straw Code?

The Dutch Bro Straw Code is a famous controversy around the U.S. No one so far knows how did it originate or who started it first? Indeed it went viral when The Veronica Show’ mentioned it. From there onwards, people started noticing this phenomenon and shared their own views. However, no one is there to prove it is real.

The regular customers have tested it many. The response they get in return is confusing. They say that sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

The founders have clearly denied this. They say that they do not judge a person by their outlook. They believe that each one of us is beautiful in our own individuality.

On the other hand Dutch Bro. employees are really busy with their work. Do they really have time to decide the straw color in the middle of a long queue of customers? But what about the time when there is no rush and employees actually interact with customers?

Dutch Bro Straw Code Color & their meaning:

Dutch Bro uses straws of many colors. It is one factor that makes this place more interesting than others. The color straws are fun for employees and customers too. Well, not to mention, the conspiracy also starts from here only.

The conspiracy includes the colors of straws. It is very simple. Employees take your orders and at the same time, they observe their look. Based on their opinion on your looks, they give you a specific colored straw.

Pink color straw means that the employees think you are cute. A green straw means you are ugly or unsightly. Orange straw represents that you are mysterious, strange, or weird. Blue means you are rude and yellow means you are just average.

The color straws have benefitted the company as there are many people who just went to test the Dutch Bro straw code and become their permanent customers.

How did it all start?

The Dutch Bros started its journey in 1992 as a coffee-selling shop. Soon after, it started its shop as a seller of beverages like tea, coffee, and other kinds of stuff. Till the year 2018, it has more than 300 outlets in the whole of America. The Dutch Bro became a famous coffee chain and Dutch Bro Straw Code became a conspiracy among the customers.

No one can actually say how did it all start? However many websites and videos have covered it that only making it more visible. The Veronica Show addressed it and it became a question to everyone.

Today many people go there only to do experiments. Some of them are regular customers. No need to say that some find it really true. Some even tried to ask the employees there. They fully denied it. But the question is why would a company share its secrets?

Public Opinion about Dutch Bro Straw Code:

Public opinion is fifty-fifty for this conspiracy. Rubino who is a student of Granite Bay High School does not believe in it. Every time she goes to the outlet, she gets the same straw.

On the other hand, Gimblin thinks this is true. She also believes that it depends on the location. Different locations and different workers may or may not use it.

Unlike Rubino and like Gimblin, Lombardo also believes in it because once a guy gave her a pink straw and winked at her cause he liked her.


There are lots of people who have tested the conspiracy of Dutch Bros. You can easily get it from you-tube and blogs. It is not wrong that many people believe in it. Although it is not practical. The Dutch Bros is quite a famous place and it always has long queues. The employees seldom get time to decide a straw color for a customer.

There are inside sources that have claimed the conspiracy to be true. However, it is not direct but a referral one. The real truth knows nobody.

Inside the outlets, employees have seen the same person in different outfits and make-ups. Some of them even asked directly to them when they get a pink or orange straw. They often face men getting pissed off for a pink straw that symbolizes cute. Sometimes when there is no rush, employees go to customers and interact. They give them a pink straw because they really liked the customer. Although this is rare and not possible for each time you go to the outlet.