Tiled Kitchen Island: Best ways to build

If you are looking for the best ways to build Tiled Kitchen Island, there are plenty of ideas to come up with. But the question is how to make fair use of the space, interior and give your kitchen a trendy makeover. Putting an intriguing and spectacular kitchen island tile design is the best cost-efficient way to put your designing skills to work while remodeling your kitchen. Here are some ideas to help you out. 

How to pick the perfect idea for Tiled Kitchen Island  

In today’s age, where home improvement is on the top of your priorities list, arranging kitchen space is much complicated. But, it’s just to have it arranged considering your budget and space. Tiled Kitchen Islands are in trend, and homemakers have plenty of kitchen remodeling ideas these days. The thing is, many cooks spoil the broth, and when it comes to decorating your kitchen, you shouldn’t settle things down with an overhead budget. You got to keep things straight well within your expense. If you require Kitchen island tile to turn your kitchen into a master creation, these best ways to build Tiled Kitchen Island have you covered. Keep two major aspects in mind:

  • Estimated Budget
  • Space required 
  • A little creativity  

Stuff to get to build Tiled Kitchen Island 

There is no way to stop the innovative ideas from striking your senses time-to-time. From the cooking top to drawer space or dining storage, you would want to make use of every inch with your handy skills. Let’s have a look at these ideas for the best ideas to build a tiled kitchen island to turn your kitchen into a stunning piece of architecture. 

Try the light-color kitchen island tile. 

Draping your kitchen top in light color is the best way to start, let’s say, chic white tiles with a punch of light pink color around the kitchen walls. Tiling half of the wall in gradient shade looks even better. The bottom half of the wall colored in a little darker shade also protects the walls from splashes. 

Choose a different Kitchen Island Tile Shape. 

You won’t always need a white color to invade your kitchen; in fact, you can fill your kitchen with different textures if you have too much white. A different shape of tile would add a little keenness to the eye. Look for what shapes of tiles are available in the market to make a tiled kitchen island per your liking. For example, try the hexagon kitchen island tile

Have you tried the Zigzag pattern? 

So, this style is perfect for rookies and the ones who are having a hard time deciding the color and design for a perfect Tiled Kitchen Island. Don’t hesitate to go with zigzag or mismatched shapes and colors. It looks simple yet creative with a combination of two colors. You must consider the type of flooring you have when thinking about zigzag style tiles because if you have a herringbone or parquet flooring, then it could clash. It might look too “busy

Add Metro Tiles to give your Tiled Kitchen Island. 

You can fill your kitchen wall with Metro Tiles if you have a large wall to deal with. The brick-shaped kitchen island tiles will add a classical twist to your kitchen outlook. You can opt for matte flat or glass brick tiles to give your kitchen a more contemporary look. Making a Grout selection is the key here as metro tiles seemingly fit perfectly hence blending into a tiled kitchen island theme. 

Patterns For the walls and Counter top.

Bold geometric designs of en-caustic tiles and patchwork styles are often considered in commercial tiling decorations. The Moorish designs are now becoming vigorously popular in home improvements also. En-caustic tiles add more interest to the interior and are more often considered for producing an array of shapes and patterns. You can create striking geometric designs and eye-catching colors such namely, Azure blue, emerald green, or patchy orange. 

Why not add Characteristic Stone? 

Characteristic stone island kitchen tiles rather add more mesmerizing beauty and uproot your creativity. There are many other advantages of using stones instead of standard tiles; they are easily affordable and have a long life. With the stone in your tiled kitchen island, you can give more depth to your design. They are a perfect answer to your problems if you live in a high-traffic area or have trouble with kitchen stains.   

Try Slate to add old-fashioned style to the Walls. 

Turn your kitchen into the 18th-century castle having an exposed-brick look with a tiled slate wall. With a naturally smooth texture and varied shades, Slate comes in a rich collection of colors rendering beautiful and elegant touch. Slates complement the tiled kitchen island and an excellent choice for walls and splash backs that go fine un-grouted to add more charm.

Opt for Large Porcelain Tiles for the flooring  

Have you a knack for a larger view? Porcelain tiles are a much better option to please your eyes. These hard and durable tiles on the floor complement the tiled kitchen island and save your kitchen during uncertain weather conditions.

Try the Budget-friendly Marble Effect Tiles

Marble is a classical piece of stone that would stay as astonishing at decoration as it has been. With marble as a cheaper option, you can mimic the porcelain tiles without negotiating the durability and strength. The best thing is, you can get the same number of marble tiles at half as much price.         

Fuse Marble and Metal for a better finish for Cabinetry  

Outfitting the cabinetry and butcher-block counter tops of the tiled kitchen island gets your kitchen island a vintage look.

Finally, Mind the area around a tiled kitchen island. 

Besides the floor and tiled kitchen, there are a few things you need to tweak depending on your budget, of course. When designing the kitchen island’s surroundings, patterned tiles are the best fit for the space surrounding it. You can start with Mosaic tiles, as you can create various patterns and eye-catching details using them.


As said, you need to fix yourself the right budget and go for the right approach to remodel your kitchen. You can also add a little exotic touch and texture to commercial space if you want. All things come around to one big concern; the cost. Well, you can choose any of the cost-efficient ways to build your custom tiled kitchen given here. 

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