Top 10 Two Block Haircut Styles for You in 2022

When it comes to style and fashion, hair always wins the limelight of everyone. I myself am a hair styling freak. I love being in trend in matter of hair styling. This article is about Two Block Haircut.

Recently the world famous Korean fashion has given a new hairstyle. This hairstyle is rocking the stage in all over the world. This is called the two block haircut styles. 

Originated from Korea and now getting the whole world’s attraction, this hairstyle can give you a different style and beauty. Whether you are a working professional or you are an artist or college student; two block haircut has no limit and can accompany you everywhere. 

So if you are thinking about a new trendy hairstyle for this year, continue to read this article and you will get your favorite in the list. 

What is Two Block Haircut?

In case if you don’t know what is a two block haircut, let me explain it to you. A two block haircut is for males. In this haircut you keeps your hairs trimmed or short from sides and back and your top hairs are left long. You can also style your top hairs to get a fashionable look. 

So if you want to try a two block haircut then instruct your barber to cut your side and back hairs in range of 1.5 to 3.5 cm. And leave your top hairs as it is or keep them one long equally.

Top 10 Two Block Haircut for 2022:

1. Two block Korean undercut:

Two block haircut itself is an extended version of undercut hairstyle. This undercut gives you edgy sides. This edgy sides and edgy back hairstyles are kept with long hairs on top. In this hairstyle your top hairs must be long enough to reach till your eyebrows. This hairstyle keeps a high contrast among its hairs. This contrast is the spot of attraction for others.

2. Slicked Back Blocked Haircut:

This two block cut is for professionals and people who loves to be in classy style. A 2 block cut slicked back is a neat and clean hairstyle that makes you look a man of culture. You don’t need much complicated instructions for this hairstyle. Just go to your barber and ask him to give you an undercut hairstyle with your hairs parted from one side and stretch those hairs towards back. 

3. Two block overlap haircut:

You can assume this hairstyle as an extended version of two block undercut hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a disconnected hairs on your head. For this hairstyle you need to keep your sides and back hairs totally trimmed and your top hairs much longer. The longer parts of your hair can cover even your eyes. You need to slick your long hairs on the portion which has short hairs. This two block haircut gives you long back slicked hairs and a neat undercut hairstyle.

4. Medium and wavy:

Curly hairs don’t really gives you much option of hairstyles to you. They are really difficult to handle. Good news is Korean two block hairstyle can just do wonders for your wavy hairs. In this hairstyle you keep your sides and back trimmed or even shaved. And over your head, your wavy creates a heavy portion for you. This heavy big area is the point of attraction. One thing you must take care of that your hairs are long and healthy enough to carry shine and volume. 

5. Sleek and Straight:

This hairstyle is perfect for a stylish yet socially calm people. It really reflects a personality of joy and maturity. Take care that your hairs must be straight and styled sleek. As your hairs are no too long and not too short, a little combing will make your hairs perfect for any occasion. Also you don’t need to have a bunch of styling product but very few and a fine toothed comb to get this saucy look.

6. Short Two Block Haircut:

If you are a guy who don’t like spending much time and money on your hairs; this two block haircut is for you. This two block haircut also keeps your top hairs as short as possible. Sides and back are trimmed. This hairstyle is too easy and it does not need any care at all. You are always styled and always clean with this two block haircut. This haircut suits to college students specially but you can also carry it to your office. 

7. Disconnected undercut two block haircut:

This haircut is in trend due to its amazing and stylish formal look. This haircut is fully modern and favorite of many working youths. This hairstyle keeps both the sides trimmed but gradually increasing length from 0 to 1.5 cm. Your top hairs are long enough to give you a casual look. Just slick your hairs towards your side upwards. This gives you a charming, attractive look that will surely win anyone’s heart. You can also use a dryer to set your hairs. 

8. The No-Styled two block haircut:   

Many knows this hairstyle as bowl cut. This is a very unique hairstyle that requires literally no styling. Its shape is totally defined and your hairs are set according to that style already. As all two block haircut requires, you need to keep your sides hairs and back hairs short and equally medium size length over your top. Make sure that your hairs must not have much contrast. You can carry this haircut where you want. This is an all in one solution of every versions of yours. 

9. Sharp end two block haircut:

This style is totally for them who want to look like K POP artists. This hairstyle is too edgy and sharp at its ends. Sides are trimmed and top hairs are feathered. Top hairs does have contrast with short hairs. This haircut is super stylish and modern. If you are in your early 20’s, don’t miss this haircut.

Final Thoughts

Other than these you can also try two block dandy, edgy & short two block haircut and Brunette two block haircut.

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