Use Black Pipe Light Socket

Pipe light sockets are new trendsetters of this age; easy to assemble, elegant in appearance, and economically-friendly, there are plenty of reasons to use Black Pipe Light Socket in lighting fixtures. You can assemble a stand light, solar street light lamp, or even fit Black Iron Pipe light in your gas-powered light fixture.

Designing and Crafting a Plumbing Black Pipe Light Fixture-6 Bulbs

If you are into home improvement stuff, you’ll definitely like the idea of saving some bucks and get crafting a black pipe light socket fixture. Let’s have a look at how you can create one for your home. 

But first: Consult your electrician before trying any electrical work in your home. You wouldn’t want to experiment with live wires, make sure you have all power turned off and connections checked via a voltage tester.     

Let’s get started with Designing Black Iron Pipe light Fixture  

Many users question how long a Black iron pipe light should be? Ideally, it should be up to 50 inches long. This much is enough to brighten up your kitchen or small study room. Crafting a black iron pipe light is like mixing your electrical and plumbing skills. 

If you have figured out a shape or design made of straight lines, well.., well you must be having some plumbing knowledge already.

Essential Needs to make Black Pipe Light Socket Fixture  

Threaded Nipples: The Nipples come in various lengths ranging from 1” to 12” long and are perfect building blocks for our Black Pipe Light Socket fixture since you can use them on the go as they are already pre-threaded on both ends.

Elbows, Tees, Flanges: You’ll require them to connect the fixture and junctions and screw the threaded ends of nipples, making angular bends and t-shapes. The floor flange is used as a top piece to secure the light fixture to the ceiling. You can get these things from a local hardware store bear in mind; there are more on the list given below.

Things to collect to make Black Pipe Light Socket Fixture:

Six light fixture sockets 

This Black Pipe Light Socket from Leviton comes with a couple of screws one for neutral wire, and another for hot wire. 

One 1/2” floor flange 

If you can’t find it pre-painted, buy a galvanized flange and spray-paint it. 

Six PVC Male 1” by 3/4” Coupling Adapters

You can easily match it with Black Iron Pipe Light or if you want to fix it with PVC pipe, it works fine with it too. 
Two 1/2” Black Iron Elbows

To make two arms hanging down on the left-right ends of Black Pipe Light Socket fixture.
Six 1/2” x 2” Nipples 

You’ll need six short arms to hang down and connect to each black pipe light socket.
Four 1/2” x 8” Nipples 

These will create length to Black iron pipe light fixture.
Three 1/2” x 3” Nipples 

One nipple would be used to hang down from the ceiling, while the other would create the split portion in the middle of the black iron pipe light fixture.

Five 1/2” Tees

You’ll need to hold each arm of the light fixture where a single piece would cost your around $1.86 each. You can go for a ½” black iron pipe to create a light fixture, the one with the smallest diameter is recommended. 

Five Bulbs

Opt for the most economical bulbs to go easy on your wallet. 

Preparing the Assembly for Black Pipe Light Socket  

Do seek a professional’s help in case you are doubtful when it comes down to the wiring. Write the light fixture, work with the farthest arms working inward, screw the pipes, and connect the nipples and Tees.

  • First, mount the wooden plaque to the junction box.
  • Pull the wires via the hole in the center.
  • Connect the wires to the wires inside the Black Iron Pipe Light fixture with wiring nuts.
  • And lastly, screw the metal floor flange onto the wooden plaque.

Estimated Budget While Assembling Black Pipe Light Socket Fixture 

Let’s shed some light on the primary concern here. As far as the pricing goes, assembling Black Pipe Light Socket Fixture is well within your budget. 

Estimated Cost

  • Plumbing pipe parts and fittings: $48.31
  • Black Pipe Light SocketLight Bulb: $19.44
  • Spray Paint: $5
  • Wire: $22 (This cost was for much more wire than I needed and used in this project)
  • Wooden Plaque: $2
  • Total Expense: $97~$100.

To make lightnings more fabulous and look rather expensive, you can opt for Edison bulbs look fantastic in an industrial light fixture. It may seem expensive, but it will be a great alternative to night bulbs.

Best Industrial Black Iron Pipe Lamp Socket:

Black Pipe Light socket usually require black pipe fittings or black malleable iron fittings. The best part is, you can create one for just under $50. You can craft a solar-powered streetlight using solar lights, Black Iron Pipe light, and iron pipes.    

1. ICC Lite Waterproof Black Pigtail Lamp Socket 

ICC Lite pigtail lamp socket is a Premium Quality Copper Medium Base Light Socket. It comes with a 5-inch 14 Gauge Leads. You can consider using these sockets for temporary lighting during Home Re modelling renovation.

2. BAYCHEER Industrial Vintage Retro Style Steel Black Pipe Light socket Lamp 

BAYCHEER pipe light socket lamp is most recommended for indoor lighting, and you can place it in your dining room, hallway, warehouse, or even your studying table. Just try to keep it away from humidity (not to damage the bulb). It can hold bulbs up to 60 watts and goers along with LED, CFL, and incandescent.

3. Edison Desk Lamp

Edison is a vintage table lamp made of wrought iron and shock-resistant and waterproof. You can use it as Industrial Table Lamp for Nightstand, Dressers, Coffee Table, Study Desk, or even in your Bedroom. 


You can look for the best Black Pipe Light Socket to fit into your space as well as your budget. As many customers have left unsatisfied reviews about them, while others have good things to say about Black Iron Pipe Light fixtures. There is a great deal of time and money saved when choosing these lightnings fixtures for your interior. 

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