Since the summers are around the corner, it is time to bring out our cute summer mini dresses. While they can make us look instantly stylish and feminine without putting any extra effort, it can still sometimes be tricky to wear them considering their length. We don’t have to worry about the long maxi dresses, but our beloved summer mini dresses can cause trouble sometimes. But, not to worry. This is what I am here for. To your rescue!! By keeping some things in mind while buying and wearing them, you can look STYLISH and COMFORTABLE simultaneously. So, let’s start. Shall we?

CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU (summer mini dresses)

It has always been advised not to commit the mistake in the first place rather than correct it. So, buy the right summer mini dresses or short skirt for you by considering all the points like the fabric, fit and style you want to go for, and your body type.

Fabric – Although it largely depends on the look and style you are going for, choosing a relatively thicker material like denim, corduroy, etc. is always a wise choice. They can help you avoid plenty of oops moments. Being thick/heavy, they won’t ride up with the first breeze of air and save you from the hassle of hiding panty lines. 

Fit – Choosing the right fit is essential as it can make or break the game. Although you can go for any fit A-line, flared, and pleated dresses tend to make you feel more comfortable than body-hugging dresses like bodycon.

Length – You can go as short as you wish as long as you are comfortable. However, it is ideal not to go above where your hands touch your thighs. One smart option can be high-low hem dresses.

Ok! All of this is when you have not bought your summer mini dresses. What if you already have your mini dress and don’t know how to wear it in a flattering yet comfortable.

Girl! I got your back. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to make the most of your short summer dress.

  • Show the right amount of skin. 

The basic rule of fashion is if your legs are visible, don’t show your shoulders. If your mini dress falls above your knees, the length of your sleeves should be three-fourths or full sleeves. It will make you look more modest and feminine. Go for spaghetti straps or strapless for mid-length dresses or maxi dresses.

  • Layer It Right

If your summer dress is short and the sleeves are also short, you can go for layering. This way you’ll be covered from the back, but your legs will still show from the front. Choose a plain shirt, a shrug, a scarf or a coat. You can choose the shrug to be of sheer material or printed and make a style statement. 

  • Pair it right

If your summer mini dresses flares from the waist, make sure it fits right at the torso. It gives an excellent structure to your body and makes it look more flattering. This applies to skirts and jeans as well. If your dress is flared or A-line, go for a fitted top and vice-versa.

  • Tights and leggings to your rescue 

You can wear tights or leggings underneath your summer mini dress, short skirt and as a matter of fact under shorts as well. You can decide the opacity of socks as per your comfort level. Some great options can be fishnets, polka dots, floral or lace. Go for neutral colors like black, brown, grey, white, etc. You can choose the shade of beige nearest to your skin shade. This way you’ll feel secure without letting others know you’re wearing tights. Leggings are an excellent option for fall and spring to add warmth and modesty to your look.

  • Spandex or cycling shorts

If you don’t want to cover your legs at all and still feel secure, cycling shorts and spandex are your buddies. The same goes for them, choose neutral colors. And make sure they don’t peak from underneath your summer mini dress.

  • Sneakers over heels

Although one may argue that heels look way more classy and chic, their discomfort they cause is also real. Sneakers are a more practical and comfortable option. Also, they are in trend. So, Wow! You already have to handle your summer mini dress; you don’t want to add one more liability to this. But, if you still want to wear heels and you can pull them off, go for kitten heels or platforms.

Some bonus tips are as follows:

  • Moisturize those legs. Dry and flaky skin can ruin the whole look in one go. You can even apply some hairspray to add some shine and make your legs look glossy.
  • Pick the right lingerie. If your summer mini dress is fitted from the torso, wear a seamless bra. For panty, wear seamless panty or thongs. You can even go for a body shaper to make sure those curves look flattering.
  • Pay attention to how you sit. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction to happen. While sitting, keep your legs close, tilt them sideways and cross them from the ankles.
  • Before bending, hold the back of your summer mini dress/short skirt and bend from your knees to avoid the skirt riding up.
  • Choose the dress as per the occasion. If you wear a short clothing to a place where you are supposed to wear formals, you’ll feel odd and uncomfortable. However, you won’t if you are going out shopping with your girls in the mall. So, you get my point. Dress according to the occasion and place.

At last, it is all about confidence and how you carry yourself. Everything shows on your face—even the discomfort. Stop adjusting your summer mini dress time and again. It’ll only attract extra attention. So, stop worrying too much and put on a smile on that face and carry yourself with confidence.

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