Which was the first online slot game ever? 

Which was the first online slot game ever? 

Online slots have taken over the slot gaming world, with their meteoric rise it can be hard to believe that they are still a relatively new iteration of the slot machine – learn more.

The First Online Casino 

Online casinos have become absolutely massive over the past decade or so, even arguably rivalling their real life counterparts. Many players don’t know about the very first online casino. 

  •     Back in the early days of the internet in the 1990’s, real life casinos saw the potential dangers that online casinos could pose to their business. The enforced strict regulations that made it impossible for online casinos to deal with real money.
  •     This attitude was legally challenged in 1994, all the necessary legal framework was worked out with the passing of the The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act.
  •     Microgaming became the first developer to take advantage of this, eventually they created a site of their own which was the first online casino which used real life money exchanges in their games.

The First Online Slot Game 

Microgaming created the very first online casino for players to enjoy with real money. There were various games on this site such as Blackjack and roulette. They also had an exciting output of slot games for players to enjoy! 

  1. Microgaming actually released the very first progressive jackpot slot all the way back in 1998. This game was called Cash Splash and it proved to be extremely popular with players. So much so that progressive jackpot slot games are still around today!
  2. There are some who believe that Cash Splash was actually the very first slot game released, however this can be disputed because of the output of Microgaming at the time.
  3. The erratic output of Microgaming over the 4 year period from 1996 to 1999 means that it is a reasonable assumption that they may have released a slot game before Cash Splash.
  4. There were several definite releases after Cash Splash, these titles came in the year 1998 and included Pirates Paradise and Martian Money. The number of releases in the following year tripled! 

How Online Slots have Evolved 

Online slots have come a long way since their early days in the Nineties. The main way that online slots have changed is through the way in which players can access them. No longer is a dial up connection needed, a player simply needs to pull out their mobile phone and download an app. Today’s online slots offer much more in terms of design and variety in gameplay. Thanks to improved technological capabilities, modern slots look world’s away from the earliest slot releases. Online slots have also changed in the way they present themselves to players, modern online slots have taken on a life of their own and have even arguably surpassed real life slots in popularity, this was not the case in the nineties. 


Despite their relative newness, online slot games have managed to completely change the gaming world. They keep evolving too, with newer technologies allowing online slots to become even more accessible.

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