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Why Local SEO is Important for Lawyers

Local search engine optimization isn’t optional if you want to stay in the game but a must-have. Clients use search engines such as Google to find lawyers in their area, making local SEO one of the leading marketing strategies for law firms. 

Unless you’re a nationally recognized law firm, your target audience is people within your county, city, or state. By localizing your SEO, your law firm becomes more visible in local search results on Google. You end up getting noticed by your clients ahead of your competitors, giving you a greater chance to rise to the top of the search engine results page.

The ultimate goal is to be the most sought firm in town; that’s why local SEO for law firms is important. 

Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important 

Local SEO will help people discover your law firm, increasing the likelihood of them becoming clients. Below are detailed reasons you should invest more time and attention into local SEO. 

1. It Generates More Website Traffic 

Having more website traffic means you’ll have more clients at hand. With local SEO, you’ll find yourself receiving more phone calls. More phone calls translate to a higher conversation rate, boosting your business. As per Google’s Legal Services Study, there’s a 74% chance that people visiting your law firm’s website will likely take some action. Local SEO will get these clients on your page and put you ahead of your competitors.  

2. You Will Get More Engagement on Your Website 

With your web presence growing so will your profits. However, if you aren’t using the proper local SEO, you might show up in search results for the wrong terms. The outcome is you losing potential clients by not giving them the information needed when visiting your website.  

3. It Improves Your Credibility 

Local SEO is important because it determines the need of your target audience and further designs your website to match that need. Your website ends up appearing on the first page of Google search, giving the impression your website contains a lot of relevant content on a particular subject. 

People see you as one of the best in the legal industry, thus gaining another level of respect. You receive a lot of credibility from your search engines and your current and prospective clients.  

4. Your Competitors Are Also Doing It 

If you’re not investing in local SEO, be sure that your competitors are. The motive is to get ahead of your competitors since everyone is competing for those top spots to attract more clients. 

On the first page of Google, there are ten organic search results by default. Therefore, the firm occupying the first position has more clicks than the firm in the second position.  

When people visit the search engines, 75% of them do not click beyond the first page. It means if your website isn’t on the first page; you have a 25% lower chance of getting potential clients.  

5. You Make More Returns on Your Investment 

You can get ahead of your competitors without breaking the bank by being committed to a local SEO. Local SEO is what you should invest in since it ends up giving you high returns on your investments compared to other forms of digital marketing, such as paid ads, email campaigns, and pay-per-click campaigns.  

Dominate Your Competitors Now

If you want a multitude of potential clients, you need to have a law firm website with an optimized search engine. The most successful law firms understand the importance of sticking to the right strategies and putting in a lot of work to grow their legal businesses. Law firms need to take the necessary measures in developing their local SEO since it is one of the leading marketing strategies.

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